Why Stories?

Stories define our humanity. Our lives are rooted in narrative and our knowledge based on stories. We use the power of the story to navigate the world and we’ve been doing that since before writing, reading, the arts and social media. The first real stories that we can identify are those found on the walls of caves. They depicted scenes from hunting and other important life events, and since then, even though how we tell stories has changed drastically over time, the why, and the desire to tell and hear stories remains unchanged.

So why this love of stories when there are so many other ways of receiving information?

Originally, story tellers became very important because telling a story well was and still is, a very valuable skill. People needed to remember things – wars & major life events. And simply stating what happened was never enough to remember it properly. Stories became a way to preserve two fundamental things: emotions and a sequence of events. To this day, whatever the media, how well a story is told has a huge impact on how it is received.

Loose Lips is a story telling event that offers a platform for stories to be told and shared. Four story tellers will tell a story that is loosely connected to the theme of the evening, and this is followed by an open mic where members of the audience can tell their stories.

If you would like to tell a story, come to a Loose Lips Workshop on Story Telling, or just come along and listen, do get in touch. Places are limited, but we try to squeeze everyone in!

Next Loose Lips: Thursday 1 February. 7-9pm. Gerwigstr. 33, 76131 Karlsruhe.

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