Mags Treanor

The Online Academy

Learn New Things  & Meet New People!

Learning with other people takes on a completely different dynamic to working alone. It means interaction, impulses, sharing and support. It makes learning faster, easier and more fun. Our concept is designed for you to come away with more than new knowledge and skills, it’s also about networking and collaboration.


How We Do It

Our courses are all delivered online and range from short ‘Blitz Workshops’ – 90 minute sprints, half day and full day workshops along with longer course and quailifications that are spread out over half day modules. We offer an open programme for individuals and also deliver in-house workshops for organisations.



All of our workshops are available in both English & German. Other languages available upon request.


How Agile are your Communication Skills?

Open Programme

When you sign up, you’ll get a link to join the workshop. It always includes interactive exercises such as skillshare, mini-groups, pair work, polls, plenary sessions and presentations. You get to work with other participants and have the opportunity to interact live with the trainer.


In-House Workshops

Working with your organisation means that the workshops are designed around your specific needs and align with your business goals. Participants can join via our channel or using your in-house platforms. The workshops are always live, intearactive and online.


Online Coaching makes it easier to work around time zones and locations. Coaching can fast track your performance and focuses on the present rather than the past or future, enabling you to unlock your potential and maximise your performance. We offer executive business coaching and personal life coaching sessions.