Our Open Programme


Blitz Learning

Join our Blitz Workshops, where you can select the exact topics you want to focus on and learn the essentials in a fast sprint, interacting with others. The workshops are live, so you have direct access to the facilitator to answer any questions or clarity you might want.

Half Day Workshops

For more intensive learning, join our half day workshops where you have the opportunity to practise the content and get feedback and tips from the course facilitator. It’s also a great way to network with others and start creating your own peer groups to share newly learnt knowledge and skills. 

1:1 Coaching

Coaching is all about energy. It’s an intensive way to get to where you want to be and helps you with decision-making, clarity, new perspectives and visualising different realities before you decide which way to go.

Do you want to go beyond thinking and start acting?  Let’s work together!


Learning Needs Analysis

Our Learning Needs analysis explores the knowledge, key skill sets and behaviours that individuals need to learn, change or further develop. We take on the task of identifying what content and required standard of performance is for each role, and what types of learning & development can improve and enhance performance.

We conduct the Learning Needs analysis using the following methods:


  • Interviews with cross-section of employees at all levels
  • Observing top performers at work
  • Elicit necessary skills, knowledge, and behaviours to business goals
  • Align with other performance measures such as Talent Reviews and Performance Management
  • Identifying the barriers, both human and organisational, which need to be overcome in order to maximise performance at every level

“There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow human; true nobility is being superior to your former self.”

Ernest hemingway


Consulting Strategy

How We Create a Comprehensive Learning & Development Strategy

  • A comprehensive and co-ordinated learning & development strategy needs to start with a clear vision. We start with the vision and plot out the route to get there by doing this:
  • Align learning & development with the business strategy
  • Design learning journeys by eliciting the most effective and realistic types of learning for your organisation. Typical blended learning involves a combination of classroom and online based learning, project work, 1:1 coaching interventions, facilitation and mentoring
  • Plot how to execute the learning & development plan and scale effectively
  • Plan the follow up in advance, to measure impact
  • All of our classroom-based workshop and facilitation sessions are conducted using interactive hands-on methodologies
Consulting Support

Learning & Development Roll-out and Follow up

Once the strategy is clear, the next steps are the practical organisation of how to get the wheels rolling. We ensure that everything goes smoothly and will work with your internal team in order to:


  • Create a learning & development roll-out plan and work with your internal team to make it happen on time and to budget
  • Delivery of workshops
  • Train managers to take on the role of learning & development mentors and coaches
  • Provide support for the delivery of online learning
  • Produce tools to measure the value of the programme and benefits to the organisation
  • Monitor success and suggest improvements