3 Things the Corona Crisis Taught Me


Author: Mags Treanor



It’s hard to find anything good when faced with a deadly virus that causes global shutdown and loss of life. The past two weeks have felt surreal, our lives changing at breakneck, our freedom compromised. The unthinkable- a world war where every country is fighting together against nature.
There is always room to learn new and good things from a bad situation though, so while thinking out the worst case scenario, the first epiphany that came to me is that fact that I’m not afraid to die. Sure, I don’t want to die untimely and in a mess, but when I asked myself what would be missing if I did have to kick the bucket any time soon, corona or no corona, I realised that although I want to be around for as long as possible, I’m actually very thankful for everything I’ve gotten to do so far. And asking myself what would be missing if I had to exit the planet, I had epiphany number two. As Murphy’s Law goes, I set up my coaching & consulting business right on time for a world recession. Yet, rather than wishing I hadn’t done so, I realised that if I have one big task still to do, it’s to make a success of my new business. Yes, incredible – I realised that I actually like working, indeed, you could almost say – am living for my job!
The third very important realization was being faced with relationships when life is stripped down to staying indoors and eating a lot. The upcoming trip to Las Vegas to see Lady GaGa live will now be replaced by a walk around the block. Our spring trip to Romania won’t be happening this weekend, instead we will catch up on reading and movies, and our plans to get fit on our e-bikes, touring the local routes will also have to wait as we hadn’t gotten around to purchasing the necessary bikes in time for spring. What happened then? I realised how unimportant all of these adventures really are when you compare them to the essence beneath – the relationships with family and partner. Yes, we are all driving each other nuts, but we are all becoming closer and re-examining our values.
There are other things too, and there are universal eye openers, especially how fast the environment recovered from all the damage we do to it and could have been avoiding.
So what about you? Have you thought about the good that has come out of this crisis? Would it be ok if the lights went out? And will you be ok when the lights go back on again?

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